Professional Cleaning Services in Stockport

Testimonials and Feedback

Mollie Owens

I always mean to be more thorough when cleaning my oven, but unfortunately I’m usually too busy. And by busy I mean “not in the mood to do it”. Luckily, I have Sweep and Swab Stockport at my side. Well worth the money spent.

Zara Pearson

The carpet in the living room began to look dirty and worn out, so I’ve decided to refresh it a little and schedule a professional carpet cleaning service. This company was recommended by a friend of mine. They did a good job with their steam cleaning machine and managed to bring new life to the flooring. And all that for a very reasonable price.

Shannon Potter

After using their one-off house cleaning two times already, I’m considering to hire them as my regular maids. A very acceptable price for a very high quality service.

Gracie Baker

You were the first domestic cleaning company in Stockport I’ve ever tried and I’m glad I did because you’ve been helpful every single time. Our house is always well cleaned, tidy and smelling fresh 😉

Isabella Ward

Last week I called Sweep and Swab to clean my carpets. The booking process was quite easy and they had available cleaners for the next day. The overall service was prompt and thorough. My carpets are clean and fresh, I’m happy, and that’s what’s important.