Professional Cleaning Services in Stockport

Stockport Oven Cleaning Will Save You The Hours of Scrubbing

Oven Cleaners StockportYour oven is one of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen. As it sees a lot of use almost every day, it deserves a proper and regular cleaning. A clean oven is a healthy oven! Also, an oven that is not cleaned on a regular basis is more expensive to run, as it takes longer to heat up and consumes more power to keep its cooking temperature. However, attempting to perform a thorough clean-up on your own requires a lot of scrubbing and free time.

Don’t waste your free hours on cleaning and polishing all hard-to-reach places and surfaces. Work with professional oven cleaners in Stockport as the more economical and practical option. All applied cleaning techniques are perfectly safe for any type of oven – conventional, gas fueled, fan forced and even self-cleaning models. All used cleaning solutions are biodegradable and eco-friendly, so you can use your oven just after the cleaning process is over.

  • Mollie Owens
    I always mean to be more thorough when cleaning my oven, but unfortunately I'm usually too busy. And by busy I mean "not in the mood to do it". Luckily, I have Sweep and Swab Stockport at my side. Well ...
  • Gracie Baker
    You were the first domestic cleaning company in Stockport I've ever tried and I'm glad I did because you've been helpful every single time. Our house is always well cleaned, tidy and smelling fresh 😉
  • Shannon Potter
    After using their one-off house cleaning two times already, I'm considering to hire them as my regular maids. A very acceptable price for a very high quality service.
  • Isabella Ward
    Last week I called Sweep and Swab to clean my carpets. The booking process was quite easy and they had available cleaners for the next day. The overall service was prompt and thorough. My carpets are clean and fresh, I'm ...
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Gentle Dip Tank Oven Cleaning Services in Stockport

  • A full inspection of your oven prior to cleaning, to help our cleaners choose the right detergents
  • The oven doors are removed for easy access to all hard-to-reach places
  • Racks, sliding runners and the back panel are removed and placed into separate dip tanks
  • If necessary, the doors are split to clean between the glass panels
  • The inside of the oven is thoroughly degreased and scrubbed
  • Burnt out carbon is removed with special hand tools
  • Final rinse on all components with warm water
  • Inside and outside is polished with soft cloths until shining
  • Your oven is assembled and checked if it’s working properly
  • Enjoy the taste of all cooked dishes

Benefit From Modern Oven Cleaning Methods

  • Work with fully trained and experienced oven cleaning specialists
  • Don’t waste any more hours on this boring and time-consuming domestic chore
  • Careful dip tank cleaning techniques for all removable parts
  • No scratching on the metal surfaces as no abrasive tools and solutions are used in the process
  • All used products and equipment are safe for the environment and your family
  • Your oven can be used immediately after being cleaned
  • The service is suitable for both domestic and commercial ovens
  • A great addition to your house cleaning sessions or move out cleaning appointment
  • Dial 0161 823 0310 now, speak with our helpful customer care agents and get your free quotes